FRENSHIP – Good Morning, Goodbye Tour at Aisle 5

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FRENSHIP – Good Morning, Goodbye Tour at Aisle 5

FRENSHIP – Good Morning, Goodbye Tour at Aisle 5
Doors 8pm || Show 9pm || 18+
Tickets on sale Friday 2/9 @ 10am
Presented by Zero Mile Presents

L.A. duo FRENSHIP’s (James Sunderland and Brett Hite) new single “Love Somebody” follows up the duo’s 2016 mega-hit “Capsize” and last fall’s acclaimed EP Truce with seemingly effortless flair. As grateful as they were for breaking though, the band was careful to leave their monster streaming, radio, and touring success at the door when they ventured out to Ojai, CA to begin writing sessions for what would eventually become their evocative new single.

“We had just come off the road this spring and the impact of ‘Capsize’ was still resonating, but we weren’t sitting around saying ‘Oh, we have to top what came before,’” says James. “We just want to keep putting out music and hope that our songs connect so that we can keep building.”

FRENSHIP’s foundation is alive and well thanks to the impressionistic “Love Somebody.” The duo’s flinty chemistry depends on their ability to converge and diverge at any point in a song’s construction to get to its core. They resist cookie-cutter solutions for a kind of against-the-grain truth-meter that breaks form and embraces their own creative distinctions. For James, the song began as an ode to an ex-lover he wanted to send off with a heartfelt song. “Kind of saying it didn’t work out but I hope you find happiness with somebody else. It’s like the goodbye song I never wrote.” For Brett, it conjured up an outlook on life and love he wishes for people even at their very youngest. “My nephew was 1 year old at the time we wrote it, and I remember thinking the song could be ascribed for what I hope for him – to feel joy, to feel pain, to experience all that life has to offer and at the end of the day to love and be loved by somebody.” The end result is a mood-altering gem with a strong chorus that can’t help but stick in your head. “I like the fact that it invites different interpretations,” says Brett. “The best songs are always perceived one way by one person and a completely different way by somebody else. When we write, the binding thing in the end is that it means something to us both.”

The same kind of vetting took place on their massive hit “Capsize.” The viral impact of the infectious song (featuring Emily Warren) marked it as a rare difference-maker in the world of hybrid pop. “Capsize” totaled nearly 410 million streams, scoring at radio and notching multiple gold and platinum certifications around the world. Frenship earned the #2 Breakout Artist nod for 2016 on Spotify and a Shazam 2017 Emerging Artist tout, with the group becoming an in-demand breakthrough act at concerts and festivals around the globe, including Lollapalooza Chicago, Outside Lands Music Festival, Life Is Beautiful and others. They drew raves opening for British indie band Bastille on their European and U.S. treks, also establishing themselves as a deserving headlining act.

“We enjoy playing live and kind of keep focused on show concerns when we’re out there, leaving the songwriting for when we’re off the road,” says James. “That’s why we went to Ojai when we were all done. It was hiking in the morning and working on new songs the rest of the day.” Joined by —— and previous collaborator Nick Ruth, FRENSHIP worked on about 30 ‘ideas,’ with “Love Somebody” revealing itself as the breakaway track from the sessions. The group completed a video with up-and-coming director Austin Kearns, which Brett says they shot in “actual film, not video,” adding it “was fun to do” and also felt more authentic. “It goes back to the songs,” he says. “We’re always conscious of trying to make our music a little more timeless. That vibe was definitely there in the writing sessions. We never want to be yesterday’s news.”

April 06 2018


Date: April 6, 2018
Time: 9:00 pm


Aisle 5

1123 Euclid Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30307 United States

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