Game Of Professionals. Healthcare In A Creative Society.

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Game Of Professionals. Healthcare In A Creative Society.

About this Event

Affordable, high-quality healthcare is an inalienable right of every person on earth, regardless of their place of residence, religion or social status.

  • What should healthcare be like in a creative society?
  • On the global scale, how can we today fix the health system by making it free, easily accessible and of high-quality in every part of the world?
  • What conditions are required for doctors to keep their patients healthy?
  • How do we bring humanity into the pharmaceutical business?
  • How do preventive measures and raising awareness among the population affect the health of the nation?

This worldwide conference will be attended by physicians from different fields, pharmacists, economists, businessmen, representatives of charitable societies and organizations that stand for the protection of human rights. This conference will bring together caring people from more than 100 countries via live video broadcast and create the conditions for true unification of all mankind and their active actions in the transformation of society from a consumer system to a creative one by peaceful means!

ALLATRA International Public Movement is a format of interaction outside of politics and religion. This global Movement, already joined by millions of people from over 140 countries, is open to all people of good will regardless of their place of residence, nationality, social status, religion or political affiliation. The activities of this volunteer, all people’s movement, are aimed at reviving spiritual and moral values in the world community and establishing a peaceful dialogue around aspects of life within society such as cultural, social, spiritual and moral conditions.

The main activities are carried out through the voluntary initiative of people, their desire to change themselves and the world for the better. This is a unique, peaceful global movement in which people, in their spare time, successfully implement an entirely new form of communication, an interaction that results in the unification of people around the world based on the principles of honesty, kindness, and justice. This is the power that really unites people across the planet.

To learn more about the event, visit:

If you would like to have your company and organization represented as a booth set-up for free during the event as a media partner, please email us at – we are looking for organizations that are helping this world in greater Atlanta to be a better place, to create a positive experience for all with high moral and ethical standards.

If you would like to speak on the subject and offer your positive examples of healthcare, Please email us, you can be in any country on the planet and can connect via ZOOM online conference.

November 02 2019


Date: November 2, 2019
Time: 10:00 am
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